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Why is Cloud Hosting Perfect for Everybody?

Among the many different types of hosting plans that are offered by top hosting companies, VPS hosting seems to be the norm these days. Sure, people can still subscribe to shared hosting plans but VPS hosting just makes it so much easier for new website owners to ensure that they’re getting enough resources that they can use on their websites.

That being said, dedicated hosting has also been around for so many years and a lot of business entities are actually using them, much to a considerable degree.

All of the said hosting plans are actually great for most use-cases, but we have to consider that speed is always of the essence.

Google has said that a website will be given a higher priority if it not only satisfies the user’s search query but it also loads well within 3 seconds. If you want to improve your page ranking, it is important that your website loads really, really fast.

For that to happen, you want your web hosting company to host a lot of different servers. Unfortunately, the current hosting plans are not able to provide amazing performance to all users, simply because of one thing: Geographical restrictions.

You see, the farther the user that tries to access a website is from the server, the longer it is for the website to load properly. That is because the connection would have to be routed to many different places before it can arrive at the main server itself to handle the HTTP request.

What this all means is that if you want to boost your website’s loading speed for all users, traditional hosting plans are no longer suitable options for you. This is the time where you look into cloud hosting instead.

What is Cloud Hosting?

By utilizing cloud computing technology, web hosting companies are able to make use of the said technology to connect many different servers across the world and bind them into a singular network. That means that all servers work in unison to provide hosting services to those who need them.

What Are the Advantages of Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is the solution for the modern user. Here are some of the advantages that you can get from cloud hosting:

  1. Speed

This is probably the main advantage of cloud hosting. Because so many servers are interconnected using cloud technology, you can think of it as having an entire network that spans the whole world.

That means that no matter where you are on this planet, you are always going to experience the best possible speeds out there- which translates to better page loading speeds for all users

2. Scalability

Because you are not only limited to using a single server, you can instantly gain more resources for the benefit of your website.

3. Competitive Pricing

Cloud hosting is slowly becoming the norm for web hosting companies and because there are a lot of different hosting providers out there, you can expect this to be offered at affordable prices.