Isekai became one anime genre that has exploded in popularity. However, if you think about this, adventure, comedy, suspense, and love are all things that can be found in Hollywood. But isekai appears to be the most prevalent among our Japanese creative pals. If you’re unaware of the word, it simply means “being taken into another planet,” and it’s frequently driven by MMORPGs and fictional universes. So for this list, we’re providing our favourite isekai anime that you should absolutely watch after having a meeting at the MLM software development company.


  • That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

When a guy called Satoru Mikami gets attacked in the public, he is reborn into another planet – as a slime! Fortunately, Rimuru Tempest – his new name – isn’t just any slime. He may incorporate specific skills from his surroundings and adversaries, enabling him an almost limitless set of powers. While Rimuru may use his abilities to harm others, he prefers to utilise them to establish a society and serve others, much like he attempted to do on planet Earth via his company position.


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  • No Game No Life

This is an ecchi-isekai anime with a distinctive visual style and plot. Unlike other ecchi-isekai anime, this one includes a plot and a realistic cast of characters who can be identified with. While the tale is often a little too fast-paced, it is still rather enjoyable. The tale revolves around two brothers named Shiro and Sora. Both of them are NEETs who enjoy computer games. They are both taken to another planet named Disboard one day after having a chess match with a stranger. Every problem in this life is resolved by engaging in some ruthless games.


  • The Twelve Kingdoms

The Twelve Kingdoms is a fantastic piece of narrative inspired by Fuyumi Ono’s acclaimed book series. Although the book focuses on a variety of kingdoms based on Chinese folklore, the anime focuses solely on the kingdom of Kei. This enables more in an examination of the kingdom and its protagonist, Yoko Nakajima. Yoko Ono is an extremely likeable character, and her problems are realistic enough to capture viewers from all walks of life.


  • Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online, or SAO for short, is among the greatest light novels ever written and among the most widely known animes from the last decade. It tells the storey of Asuna, Kirito, and their friends stuck in Aincrad as well as the likelihood of dying in reality if they die in the computer game, and many other arcs and the debate between fans and detractors.


  • Drifters

During the Battle of Sekigahara, Shimazu Toyohisa succeeds to severely injure Ii Naomasa but is gravely wounded throughout the act. Toyohisa is brought to a series of doors, where only a moustachioed man at a desk awaits him while he walks off the battlefield, shattered and wounded. Murasaki sends Toyohisa through the nearest door, and he awakens in a different world. Toyohisa encounters other great fighters who’ve been relocated as well, becoming members of that group known also as “Drifters.”


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