Many people express their displeasure in public spaces and blogs, stating that gender equality, as the phrase implies, applies to both men and women. While it is exactly what the phrase means and it is reasonable, the public has failed to treat women with the respect they deserve, causing women to lose trust in their male counterparts. Though all genders have their own struggles that we should never dismiss, women have been severely mistreated by the world, and due awareness should be addressed. Below are just a few of the problems that women have been forced to face by a misogynistic culture that operates on a double standard since the day they were brought to the world :


“It’s Not A Big Deal To Be Stared At”

As a woman, I was raised to believe that we should never blame men who give us peculiar stares since they are completely entitled to do so with their own pair of eyes, and that we should just turn away and move forward with our day. How could someone be comfortable being stared at in such disgraceful ways by strangers they don’t know? Stares indicate visually evaluating one’s figure from top to bottom or vice versa. While it is everyone’s right to utilize their visual abilities, it is not appropriate to stare at someone until it gives them a sense of discomfort and anxiety. If you really feel the need to mesmerise someone’s beauty, take a quick peek and then look away. Consider how you’ll feel with so many pairs of eyes fixated on you. 

“Giving Birth Is Your Responsibility As A Woman”

Many women today have made the decision to forego having children or even marrying someone in order to live an autonomous life free of obstacles. However, society and family members could not help but weigh their capacity as a supposedly “strong” woman who had never married or had a family of her own. While we are bestowed with the ability to deliver off springs upon birth, this does not imply that we are obligated to do so if we decide otherwise. We should be able to choose whether or not having children is the best option for us; in either case, we know what is best for us. Women deserve enormous credit for the amount of anguish they go through every year just to give birth. Having messed up hormones, being terribly out of shape, leaking breasts during pregnancy, and so on. If you’re having trouble throughout your postpartum period, nipple cream malaysia is here to help.

In Short

If you have female companions in your life, make sure you treat them with respect. Not to imply people are entirely entitled to respect regardless of their behaviors and attitudes, but basic respect is though necessary. Consider how many barriers they have been forced to overcome since they were brought to the world; it is totally uncalled for.