Bachelor or stag parties are already a tradition and most of the times, hiring strippers is part of them. So, are you planning to have a stag party for your friend? Yes, usually, it is not the person who is about to tie the knot who will prepare for such event, but rather, the best man which is his best friend. 

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If you happen to be a best man and a best friend, you might want to know some important pointers first before hiring strippers. Check this out:

  • You should make sure to hire strippers from reputable agencies. You see, some agencies are not meticulous when it comes to some aspects of their strippers. There are some that will not make sure their strippers are safe health wise. There are also agencies who are too high priced. So, you need to be wary when choosing an agency. 
  • See to it that you end up hiring strippers that can really entertain you. in short, check out first the strippers as after all, you are hiring them for entertainment. For sure that won’t be the case if they will give you older girls or those that are not so amiable-looking. 
  • You should not pay before you an even see the girls. As mentioned, there are girls that might not be to your liking. So, you should make sure to check the girls first before you agree on anything. You have to note that everyone can be pretty in the internet these days. 
  • If by chance you end up spending the night with someone you don’t like, there is no need to be forced to agree. You can call the provider so he can exchange the girl. This happens a lot you know and every time, the girl will be changed. 

Yes, you should be careful in choosing the strippers as your friends might not like the girls. Even if this is just for fun, they would still prefer it if the girls are pretty. And one more thing, you can bring sex toys that you bought from the famous sex toy shop in Malaysia. Yes, as even if some strippers are not allowed to go to bed with their customers, there are some who are. It is best to be ready in case your friends would love to do it. The sex toys are known to add more please and excitement to the users. 

One might think that sex toys are dirty, but it really depends on how you use them. The said items are used to just add pleasure and not for anything else. When it comes to using them with the strippers, you should still ask their permission if they are comfortable with it and if not, you should respect them. 

That is right, strippers are still humans and you need to respect them. Just because that is their job dos not mean one can just abuse them. Besides, if you abuse them, you will surely face consequences that might alter your life completely.